Kitchen Repairs

It is difficult not to panic when a section of kitchen worktop is damaged.  Luckily, with MGS Stone Services, there is no need to worry.  We offer a flawless repair service that is suitable for your kitchen counters.  We can fix anything from burns and stains to cracks and scratches.


Tiles are the perfect choice for your kitchens and bathrooms.  They are easy to clean, waterproof and will stay looking great for a long time.  MGS Stone Services can provide and install a beautiful range of wall tiles that cover everything from sleek, modern, classic and traditional styles.  Whatever you have planned, you’ll be sure to find a fine selection of tiles.

Stone Restoration

We can help with decaying stone, weathering or erosion, inappropriate mortar causing problems to masonry, freeze and thaw damage, damaged decorative detail and carbon deposits or staining to stonework.  We can repair and restore a vast variety of materials, including quartz, marble and granite.

Marble Repairs

Damage to marble us often obvious and ugly; and stone worktops are often expensive to repair.  However, you don’t need to worry about a new kitchen worktop.  We’re able to clean, fill and refinish all damaged areas even taking into consideration how complex the stone patterning can be.  Contact us if your worktops are chipped, stained or cracked.

Sandblasting Services

Rust, old paint, or residue from oxidation can make your property look old and tattered. Sandblasting is a tried and tested method of cleaning large surfaces. By firing abrasive media at the problem area, we can will have your stonework looking as good as new. Contact us today to discuss our sandblasting services.